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Where the magic of hypnosis exists in what you can achieve

Hello, and a very warm welcome to my Hypnotherapy home page. Thank you for being here and showing an interest in the most profound healing modality I have come across in my many years of study. 

Please feel free to browse my pages and find out some more about this wonderful treatment and the magic that it brings. 

My name is Sara, and it truly is my pleasure to offer this amazing service delivered with a personal approach.

Wishing you well on whatever journey you choose to take. 

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Hypnotherapy is about alliance, not reliance. Working together gives you the help, skills and healing for you to be empowered, resilient and move forward with your life. It gives you control.
Hypnotherapy is all about YOU.
Within my use of clinical and evidence based hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, EMDR, EFT and Havening,
can be used to further your healing programme.

Hypnotherapy is NOT the same as counselling, talking therapies or psychotherapy, although it can have elements of these therapies. Hypnotherapy heals anxiety, trauma, PTSD, cPTSD, fears, phobias and has a profound on IBS/IBD symptoms. It can also do much more making it a wonderful way to treat your mental wellbeing without reliving the trauma.
We don't have to discuss the trauma at all ! 

Hypnotherapy is so powerful, that surgeries have been carried out with hypnosis as the only means of pain relief. Hypnosis can help the body heal faster. With IBS the results show that hypnotherapy is more effective for remission than drugs, and that the results are long lasting. 

Hypnosis with me, gives you a safe space to be heard and validated. There is no judgement, you feel what you feel. Taking care of yourself, and not feeling alone in your journey is the first positive step in lasting and effective healing.
Contrary to belief, YOU are in control throughout. I do not control your mind.
Please feel free to browse my site and find out more.

Fully qualified, regulated and insured.



Fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner
Trained by the reknown Adam Eason
AECollege of Hypnosis


with DR. Karen E Wells

The Infamous and specialised 
(THE fastest way to heal)

Self-harm and suicide awareness (TQUK)

Counselling diploma (5) (HSC)

Life Coach Diploma
(New Skills Academy)

Past Life Regression
Academy of the Inner Mind

CNCH certified member logo
NCH certified member logo
UKHC certified member logo

More Information

My goal is to make you feel safe, and keep therapy relaxed and enjoyable. I ask for your feedback so we do more of what is right for you and to make sure you are getting the best from each session. Therapy should never be boring or stuffy so if you are a parent, be prepared to see your child wave magic wands and chase those demons away. Some adults like this approach too, but rest assured not all hypnotherapy with me is wild and whacky! My job is to help you feel better. I believe therapy should be like having a cuppa with a friend only better! 

Whilst hypnotherapy cannot re-grow limbs or cure cancer, it can offer pain and stress management, help with grief, anxiety and depression. It has helped with countless cases of PTSD, self-esteem and confidence issues. It is a truly remarkable therapy that has had such bad press thanks to stage hypnotists who use the power of hypnosis for entertainment instead of for healing and well-being. However, stage hypnosis does show you how impressive and powerful hypnosis can be. 

It is not witchcraft - it is magic!

And , the magic of hypnosis - is that there is no magic.

The only magic, is what YOU can achieve!

Read more in Getting to know me.

"At first I didn't think it had worked. But I suddenly realised how much happier and more confident I was." 

"OMG, 6 months on and I still smile at laughter therapy! Thank you for changing my life and making therapy such fun"

"Sara changed what other therapists could not - to use her words - MAGIC!"

""It's therapy..but not as you know it!  Cannot thank you enough for everything."

"It really is like having a coffee with a friend. No clinical uncomfortable feelings, just pure understanding and total healing. Grateful forever."

"Thank you for just being you, amazing, kind, caring, truly inspiring and  for giving me my life back. I will never forget what you did for me."

If you would like FREE regular hints, tips, advice and updates on mental well-being, please let me know.

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