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Huge evidence supports IBS, IBD, Pain and autoimmune support and remission within hypnotherapy. The NHS, NICE and the the WHO all recognise its significance in powerful healing modalities. The brain and body are so closely connected, each affects the other meaning we have a remarkable ability of an element of control over our physical bodies. Research now connects many serious illnesses and auto-immune disease to stress and other emotional difficulties in life.



If you're struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), hypnotherapy might be the solution you've been looking for.

This therapeutic technique has shown impressive, evidence based results in reducing IBS symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, and irregular bowel movements. As a trained IBS hypnotherapist  I can help significantly decrease symptoms.


By addressing the mind-gut connection directly. Stress and anxiety often exacerbate IBS symptoms. 

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy can lead to significant improvement in IBS symptoms, with many patients experiencing long-term relief. 


 Unlike medications, which often come with side effects, hypnotherapy focuses on holistic healing. By reducing stress and improving your mental well-being, it addresses the root causes of IBS symptoms.and just makes life better.



Ailments like psoriasis, graves disease and MS, are auto-immune diseases. This basically means the body has been put into an inflammatory response at some point. In trying to heal the inflammation, especially if present for long stressful periods, the signals do not get turned off and the system becomes out of control.

The immune system basically attacks itself. Whilst hypnotherapy cannot claim to cure these conditions, it can make significant differences to the way they fare - help reduce inflammation and in the case of psoriasis reduce redness and itching significantly. Reducing stress and learning how to manage pain and difficult situations can make profound differences to the sufferer.


The mind and body are amazing example of how one affects the other.



Pain is subjective. For some they can tolerate high levels, and others cannot. It does not mean you are weak in anyway. Tolerance depends on several sensitivities.


Weirdly - we think we have pain in our arm or leg, when actually all pain stems and is made in the brain. This does not mean pain is all in your head, the brain is warning us of something to keep us safe and protect a damaged area, or to teach us not to touch the hot stove! 

Have you ever noticed too, how when you are in pain, you tense up? Curl over? Rub the sore spot? These are either distraction techniques, or self-soothing measures we take to try and ease the pain or keep ourselves safe. If you are going to have pain, would you rather not have it in a relaxed body than a tense one? Once you can take steps to regulate yourself, you can then take steps to learn pain relief without medication. Yes - it really works !


There are videos and documentaries that show patients having surgery and dental procedures with hypnosis as the only form of pain relief. Incredible!

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