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There are many wonderful modalities that can make significant differences in the debilitating symptoms of trauma. I have yet to find one that compares in speed  and permanency to this amazing technique.

If you do not begin to feel better after the first session - the second one is free!

Read on to find out why it is so successful....


How and why it works.

The neuroscience of PTSD and Trauma, shows that structures in the right hemisphere of the brain are overactive leading the brain to respond (with thoughts and body behaviours) as if there is an immediate threat. BLAST works on re-engaging the two hemispheres to eliminate the distress.

BLAST uses precise bi-lateral movements with a light pen and specific suggestions to the client which helps reprocess the traumatic event, so the client understands what happened and can remember, but it no longer has any physical or emotional response.

The BLAST Technique® (Bi-Lateral Analysis and Stimulation Treatment) started its incarnation in 2008 with its creator, leading International Hypnotherapist and Media Body Language Expert Nick Davies who managed to speed up the process and efficacy of PTSD and trauma treatment for an all-round better and more efficient experience for the client and therapist.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) was the probably the most effective tool out there for dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma, but as with anything, things develop, change and improve over time.

Nick Davies’ BLAST Technique® has been described as “EMDR on steroids!”, it has been created, developed and refined to work faster and more effectively with PTSD and trauma utilising the brain’s natural processing systems, rather than only using ‘bilateral stimulation’ or being a ‘confusion technique’.

It has now been effectively used thousands of times by hundreds of trained BLAST® and Advanced BLAST Technique® Practitioners in the UK, USA, Africa, UAE, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia and the Czech Republic.


It draws from some of the research of, (but not limited to), neuroscientist and neuropsychologists Joseph LeDoux, Peter Naish, Ksenja da Silva, and NLP co-creator John Grinder. The BLAST Technique® utilises several treatment modalities to create what we believe, is the fastest, most natural and effective treatment for this chronic, yet curable condition.

Trauma from sexual or physical assaults, childhood  abuse or neglect, muggings and roberies, domestic violence, accidents, witnessing traumatic events,, bullying and more! 

Don't let Trauma define you or your life - BLAST IT !!!!!

Safe in the knowledge I am personally trained by Nick Davies himself!




For more information on BLAST get in touch!

There really is a way to heal from trauma ! 

 BLAST the unwanted feelings of the past

It's safe effective and authentically fast!

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