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Hypnotherapy can help those who have lived with or witnessed domestic violence. Guilt, shame, fear, nervousness, regret and much more. It can help with sexual dysfunction, hot flushes, anger, confidence and self-esteem. It has a profound effect on body image. It can also help with patience, motivation and relaxation. It doesn't end there, it can also whip away fears, phobias, and help insomnia. Weight loss, smoking cessation, nail biting and habits, can all be transformed with hypnotherapy.

Whilst it may all sound too good to true, there is empirical evidence to support these claims. It is the power of hypnosis with therapy that makes this such a gentle but incredibly effective healing modality. It can also help with stress management.

Hypnotherapy can help with addiction, and cancer treatment side effects. Hypnotherapy has been used on its own with no anaesthesia for surgery and dental procedures. It has been shown to help many psoriasis sufferers and those with other auto-immune diseases with its amazing and positive effects

on the immune system. 

If your issue is not listed within my website, please don't hesitate to ask.  Whilst my main pages detail my specialities, I am trained in all the listed modalities. If I can't help you personally, I have an array of amazing people who are equally qualified with their own specialties in my resource files. 


Fears and phobias do not have to be rational to have a huge impact on your daily life. They can be a result of repeated and worrying exposure or the result of one time learning. If a cat scratches  you for example, your brain learns cats can hurt and that can be enough install a fear, caution, or phobic response. Fortunately, most phobias (and some fears) can also be reversed in a one time re-learning, or be greatly reduced with the right techniques.

Some fears and phobias do not pose a problem, and some are more natural in that the brain sets  off alarm bells to keep you safe.

Did you know the fear of heights and falling is present from birth! Amazing huh!

Fears and phobias can be irradiated or lessened often in one session, making day to day living less fraught with the anticipation of encountering something that causes fear or unease.

Common phobias and fears include 

flying, spiders and insects, failure of the unknow, exams, loss and fear of failure. 

I have treated fear of brillo pads, people sneezing, and running water!


There are several ways to address fears and phobias. No one way is better than another, it depends on many factors. What this means for YOU is that you do NOT have to face your fear directly. We can if you wish, but equally we can approach the problem slowly, at your pace to achieve the right outcome.


Hot flushes, night sweats, nausea, joint pain and the loss of feeling likes one's self, can be greatly reduced with hypnotherapy. Menopause is a significant change bringing many changes that really don't have to be difficult to manage.

Menopause through cancer treatment is particularly gruelling, but hypnotherapy can help you come to terms with your diagnosis and the side effects of treatment and help you with your reactions and feelings of those who love you, both for yourself and for them.

Cancer without menopause can also be very gruelling, and side effects can be reduced with hypnotherapy.

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Whilst most of these are not a one trick pony and often require several sessions, hypnosis can be truly effective in helping resolve many issues. There are many options within the treatment programs as no one size fits all. Treatments are always tailored to the individual and to their needs.

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Smoking, vaping, weight loss, eating disorders, nail biting, hair-pulling.

Habits can be reversed with hypnosis often in just one session! So if you bite your nails, pull your hair or have any other unwanted habit, hypnosis can effectively change and reverse that habit. With smoking and weight issues, a longer program is usually required as both have deep rooted unhelpful beliefs behind them. Addressing these issues makes success in the short and long term far. more successful.



Insomnia, difficulty with sleep, relaxation or self-regulation are very common ailments that are easily remedied with hypnotherapy. Insomnia can have detrimental effects on your physical and mental health as much as emotional problems can. There are usually underlying reasons why sleep is interrupted and we can look at those reasons if we need to, but hypnotherapy is well known for its effectiveness in helping sleep disorders without having to delve too deeply.  Not managing stress or relaxation effectively can affect sleep, and lack of  sleep can affect relaxation and stress levels.

We often think we are relaxed when we are not and this can show in the face or as tight sore muscles in the body. Not only can hypnotherapy teach you incredibly deep physical relaxation but learning this skill can help you with stress management, to deal with triggering situations, calm nerves, anxiety and give you a restful sleep.

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Just walking into the exam room with head high shoulders back and down can help to increase brain focus, analytical skills and  a feeling of calm and control. Hypnotherapy is wonderful for helping with confidence issues and helping you to feel like you fit in. Self-esteem on the other hand can be affected by confidence but it is a deeper issue. Learning to be proud of who you are, feeling safe and secure in your own skin, removing guilt shame embarrassment or unrealistic expectations of yourself can completely change your life. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that this is achieved in a safe, gentle environment of calming, empowering hypnoisis.


Have you noticed how when you and a family member or friend talk about the past, your time lines and memories are different? Memory is not stored in the brain, it is reconstructed every time we go back to it. This means that years later you can recall a detail you couldn't before, but often why one party or one event gets mixed with another. For this reason, we work with how you perceive, feel or think about things that affect you from the past. We do not regress to find 'hidden memories' as very often the memories are actually false constrcuts and can cause more harm than good.


Understanding why we have these emotions and how to utilise them instead of letting them destroy us empowers us and gives us control over our thoughts feelings and ultimately our life. Understanding and exploring is empowering and gives an immense feeling of release and control. All these emotions have a positive intent, but they can become uncontrollable. They are usually related to trauma, upset, grief, hopelessness feeling you have no control, fear or lack of self-regulation. Hypnotherapy is renown for its power in healing and transforming these emotions. 

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