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I have been asked many times, "Why do you offer Past Life Regression when there is no evidence of past lives?"

The answer to me is simple - there is no evidence that there isn't either! And, being a clinical hypnotherapist does not stop me being very open minded as those who know me would tell you!

Dr. Ian Stevenson spent his life searching out those children (and adults) who claimed to have lived before. Some of the stories- the parallels- are compelling reading. There are many religions where past lives are strongly believed in.

Dr. Ian Stevenson investigated thousands of claims by made these individuals and his remarkable findings had unexplainable connections, knowledge and experiences that the individual could not have known unless- they had lived before. There are many books available on this amazing subject, but I would hazard a guess you are already aware of past lives/reincarnation beliefs because you are here reading about it. That shows some interest doesn't it! 

Although memory is a process and not a filing cabinet in the mind, regression can be a profound experience for some people. For those who have an overwhelming feeling that they belong in a different era, or have been here before, or even have strange memories they cannot explain, regression can help explore these thoughts. Whether those memories are real or just strong links to something else somewhere in our experiences, perhaps we will never know. But, there are many testimonies where claims are made that past life regression has helped solve emotional and sometimes physical issues, and the the experience has been beneficial in helping them understand where these thoughts and feelings have stemmed from.

So, if memory is a process - why are these thoughts/memories/feelings so profound? We are more than just a body, we are more than just a mind, we are complex beings with a brain we know very little about in terms of how or why we think and feel the way we do. Until it can be proven that there are no such things as past lives, there is no proof that there isn't either!

Unlike meditations or online past life regressions, as a professional, all past life regression hypnosis sessions are tailored specifically to the person I am working with. This makes the experience more personal, more in-depth and where necessary - more healing. Also, I am trained to work at your pace, and qualified to deal with any abreactions or upsetting events. Always check the credentials of the person you doing your past life regression - I have had to put right the traumatic experiences for several clients who chose to go to someone who has simply done an online course and believes they are qualified to regress. It really is not that simple. Having said that, Past Life Regression is absolutely fascinating, safe and enlightening when done with a qualified professional. To put it bluntly, you wouldn't go to a dentist for brain surgery, you would go to a brain surgeon.

I also believe, that if you are into past life regression, then going to a professionally trained qualified professional in Hypnotherapy is the way to go. We have extensive training and so are equipped to deal with any issues that may arise. If you do not wish to have past life regression with me, I urge you to please double check the credentials of the person you are undergoing this process with. Like everything else, it can be incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. There are some conditions for which regression is contra-indicated. 

I am insured, and regulated. 

Contrary to belief, most past life regressions do not equate to famous historical figures. One client regressed to an ammunitions factory in WWII where on investigation discovered the factory had existed. 

Past life regression also makes a lovely gift for someone who has a strong sense of having lived before or has a strong curiosity to the subject of reincarnation. You are welcome to bring a companion to share the experience. 

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