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(Rapid Healing with the revolutionary BLAST TECHNIQUE available)

Some things in life have such a profound effect on us that we seem to continually and painfully re-live them.

There is no shame in PTSD. It can happen to anyone regardless of

how resilient they have been in the past.

Trauma and PTSD is the body's natural fight or flight response that gets stuck in the 'on' position. It shows how good your brain is at protecting you - it has just forgotten to switch itself off. For some it shows more in the body than in the mind, and vice versa. This is due to the intrinsic link between the mind and body and the incredible way the brain reacts to protect us even when there is no danger.

I am a Trauma and PTSD specialist who not only has the knowledge and skills to help you, but I also have personal understanding and genuine empathy for the painful and significant impact it has on daily life. 


PTSD, Trauma and cPTSD can manifest as panic attacks, night terrors, shaking, sudden, intense, traumatic visions, as as if you are still in that awful situation. Or it can show itself as anger, fear, fainting and other absolutely horrific symptoms.

As someone who has suffered from PTSD, I am living proof it does not have to control, impair or impact your life. There really is help!

Contrary to belief, PTSD and trauma is not limited to veterans (who are a favourite breed of mine) but also to domestic violence survivors, sexual assault victims, witnesses to those events, accidents and more.  You can live your life without incident that affects you, (alternatively a major or minor one that does), or have a series of events that lead to PTSD. Also contrary to belief, hypnotherapy does not regress you to the time of the trauma. Hypnosis is not about re-traumatisation. If we can re-lieve the symptoms, the root cause is not something we need to address (unless you want to.) Having said that ,I also offer therapies that literally rip the trauma out by the roots. It's about which is right for you.


( BLAST addresses the trauma at the root for permanent rapid healing and requires a slightly different approach).

Talking about a broken leg does not heal it any faster. Trauma works in a similar way. Consistently going over it just wires the brain faster to react to the memory or a trigger. 

PTSD and trauma can lead to horrific thoughts, chronic anxiety and depression. Asking someone to breathe deeply when they are in full blown PTSD mode is not helpful. Specialised breathing techniques however, can help immensely.

I am super proud to be able to offer you the BLAST technique which can heal most PTSD and Trauma in one session. I am so confident, that if you don't feel better after one session, I offer my second session FREE of charge! No one to-date has needed a second session.

Trauma is a fact of life, it does not however have to be a life sentence. Peter Levine

PTSD and Trauma can affect life so profoundly that sufferers often think life will never be normal again. This really is not the case. We can lessen and more often than not, eradicate flashbacks, tremors, nightmares, night sweats, and the fear, as well as help you deal with triggers in one session.

PTSD is often misunderstood and those who suffer know that often trying to explain to someone what this means, and how it affects you; is like trying to speak a foreign language backwards.  There are many techniques that can help alleviate the symptoms of these life altering events in a safe, non traumatic setting. Self-regulation, relaxation, dealing with triggers, changing the construct memory, reframing, self soothing or distraction techniques can make so much difference. Used alongside hypnosis the effects can be profound. Additional trauma training means I have an array of techniques we can use to find the solution that best fits with you and your  needs. 

The BLAST technique truly is the fastest most effective way to treat Trauma and PTSD. But you've never heard of it ? It is more effective than EMDR, Tapping and Havening (all of which I have some training in). It is

The beauty of BLAST is that you do not have to close your eyes, you do not feel out of control. You are safe. BLAST works in one session (more if you have multiple or layers but even they will be improved after just ONE session!)

Described by the creator Nick Davies as -

"Neuroscience research shows that structures in the right side/hemisphere of the brain are overactive and acting as if there is an immediate threat in sufferers PTSD and Trauma . The BLAST technique® utilises precise bi-lateral movements with a light pen (which helps the memory access the left side/hemisphere of the brain) and specific suggestions to the client, which helps reprocess the traumatic event so they can understand what happened and can remember, but it no longer has a physical or emotional response."

My own description is -

"A combination of proven approaches brought together into a single approach that is faster, more effective  than any other modality I have discovered. Working somatically (physically), emotionally, to change the way the way the brain processes the physical and emotional trauma and the human thought patterns behind them. It is the closest thing I have found to a miracle cure and embodies my statement, that the magic of hypnosis, is that there is no magic." 

Don't  suffer in silence when help is at hand.

Contact me now for fast effective healing.

Please see my Blog pages (link below) for information on the revolutionary BLAST Technique.

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