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The evidence of the intrinsic link between mind and body is well known. The link between an unhappy mind and manifestation as something unhealthy in the body is also well known. The body is at dis-ease and responds accordingly. 

When the body responds persistently to high cortisol and adrenalin levels, it becomes tense, which in turn sends signals back to the brain to stay alert as a threat (as per the body response) has been perceived. This cycle can wreak havoc on our mental states too by shutting down the thinking part of the brain to allow the survival part to keep us safe.

With mindful focus on different areas of the body, and making positive statements about those areas of the body, we can help to increase regular blood flow, relaxation and thus reduce the nervous systems threat response cycle.  Some people call this Autogenic Training. It is incredibly empowering.

The following exercise is taken from a CPD lecture I attended by Adam Eason.  I have made some adaptations.

I recommend that when you repeat 5 times, you do so in 5 different tones of voice. I also recommend that between each step, you take a few deep breaths and focus mainly on the outbreath being slower and longer than the in breath, and use that time to maintain a relaxed body before beginning the next step. Make sure you are comfortable and safe before beginning.


The exercise :

1)     Focus on your breath, breathing in filling the stomach, and breathing out with a long sigh. Take several breaths and notice how the body relaxes on each exhale. You may close your eyes if you prefer.

2)     Once you feel calm, state to yourself, 5 times, “I feel calm”

3)     Now shift that focus to your hands and state to yourself 5 time “my hands feel heavy and relaxed.” And follow this with the statement “I feel calm.”

4)     Keeping the awareness on your hands, repeat 5 times, “ my hands are warm.” And then follow again with the statement “ I feel calm.”

5)     Leaving your hands relaxed take that awareness to your arms. Notice how they feel and they state to yourself 5 times “My arms feel heavy” and follow up with the statement “I feel calm.”

6)     Keeping that awareness on your arms, repeat 5 times “My arms feel warm” and then repeat the statement “I feel calm.”

7)     Placing the focus now on your feet, repeat 5 times “My feet feel heavy” and afterward state “I feel calm.”

8)     Staying with the feet, state now 5 times “My feet are warm” and then “I feel calm.”

9)     Focusing now on the legs, state “My legs are heavy” 5 times and then “I feel calm.”

10)  Keeping that focus on your legs, state “My legs are warm” 5 times and follow with “I feel calm.”

11)  You should feel quite relaxed now, as you focus on your heart. State 5 times, “my heartbeat is steady, calm and slow.” Then state “I feel calm.”

12)  Shifting now to your breathing, repeat 5 times, “My breath is calm and steady” and then repeat “I feel calm.”

13)  Notice now your stomach area as you repeat 5 times “My stomach is soft and warm” and follow up with “I feel calm.”

14)  Release the tension in you forehead and state 5 times “My forehead is cool and relaxed” before saying “I feel calm.”

15)  Now go back to focusing on your breath, think about the out breath being longer and slower than the in breath before orientating yourself back into the present moment, opening your eyes and taking with you all the benefits of a calming relaxing few minutes. The benefits stay with you. Why don't you make this a daily practice and see how you get on!?




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