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The best way to heal trauma is to BLAST it !

Updated: Jan 6

There are many wonderful therapies to help with trauma, but none surpass the power of BLAST. Not by a long shot!
Having done over 15 years of study, and having tried many different therapy modalities, I can tell you with hand on heart, none can match BLAST in speed, effectiveness or long term resolution. It really is THE most fantastic therapy.
Whilst my own mantra is "The magic of hypnosis is that there is no magic" I liken the BLAST protocol to the wizards wand in that tag line.
My own story with PTSD came out of the blue - as it often does. I had never suffered with much more than the odd bout of anxiety, but suffering PTSD was horrific.
A normal Monday evening, changed my life forever. My husband had a heart attack in bed, and died. A 999 call handler guided me through the steps to get him onto the floor, and to do CPR, something I had never done before. I remember not being in my body and looking over my shoulder - it was surreal. It was scary and I was doing compressions for 25 minutes.
Once my husband was stable - after three lots of electric shocks via a defibrillator, he was stable enough to move to hospital where he had an emergency operation. He was put into an induced coma, and we waited. It was a 50/50 call.
A week later, hospital staff began to bring my husband out of his coma. He was not the man he was. He was in a different time zone, confused and doing the strangest things. He had no conception of where he was or what had happened and he was most difficult. He discharged himself after another few days.
The early days were so difficult, I was still in trauma mode with stiffened shoulders and not sleeping, highly stressed and now also caring for him as he was not safe on the stairs and kept getting up to do strange things. And then, to top it off, Covid hit the UK. Suddenly there was no help, no rehabilitation, and no real contact with the outside world.
Having trained in mental health - I knew all the things I needed to do. I did relaxation, I did breath work, somatic and vagal release. I talked to fellow therapists. I learnt a new way to self-regulate. All of these things helped to some degree, but they were just masking what was going on inside of me, although I was able to carry on 'reasonably' normally using these things, PTSD was here to stay. I barely slept. If I slept for 6 hours a week it was hailed a miracle. Hypnosis helped, but I would find that even in hypnosis I would be jolted by a thought or feeling, a sound, anything, and then have to start all over again.
What made it worse for me, was hearing anyone breathe heavily it would set off that awful chain reaction and I would be a quivering wreck. But on the other hand, if I could not hear breathing - I would panic - and be checking that everyone was okay. There was no in-between and no respite from the PTSD. Everybody breathes!
There are many different reasons people get PTSD, and it isn't a competition. It can be a seemingly easy to move on from event that starts the chain reaction, whereas perhaps a much more serious traumatic event prior had no emotional impact. It strikes when you least expect and for a number of reasons. PTSD or trauma issues are also not a weakness. They stem from the primal (survival) and limbic part of the brain. They iare deep rooted and not resolved with using the cognitive part of the brain (the thinking or conversing part).
After nearly four years of carrying and trying to manage my own PTSD, I continued with my therapy practice and continued to study, learn and practice the strategies I had at my disposal. Some of this learning involved attending a three day convention at Heathrow just a few short months ago. Attending a presentation on PTSD, one of the things that really struck me about the presenter, was his humility, his knowledge, and his ability to get us, the attendees, involved and engaged. It was another really surreal moment for me, when the presenter asked for a volunteer who had suffered trauma. It was like something out of a movie, it really was. My hand shot up from no-where. It suddenly felt right. And the presenter spotted me straight away and up I went to the front of the class. I had no idea what I was about to experience, but I knew that hypnosis was sometimes hit and miss for me given the PTSD. But suddenly, I found myself re-living that trauma for the last time in a safe, kind and very public place. From the time my hand went up to the end of session - it was 12 minutes.
BLAST is a combination of waking alert trance that utilises the feeling of a trauma to rewire the emotions and physical sensations that are related to it, with eye movement, light, specific suggestions and a few little tricks that I am not revealing here ! I was informed clearly that this was the last time I would experience all those awful emotions attached to the trauma and how true that was! In a class of around 70 people, I sat there going through the trauma in tears, breathing heavy, feeling panicked and in less than 2 minutes, I was already feeling better. In 12, the trauma was gone. No matter how much I tried to bring back those intense scary emotions, how much I tried to feel that tense tight overpowering physical sensation - I could not. Witnesses to the account were spell bound with the whole process and the transformation in such a short space of time.
I was fortunate enough to spend some times with Nick Davies - the creator and founder of the BLAST TECHNIQUE - and thanks to curing my PTSD ,a bit of a hero of mine. I knew there was more to BLAST than what to the untrained eye appears to be simplistic movements and language. I was privileged to have that following conversation. I was so taken buy this amazing therapy that I rang Nick two days later. I wanted to learn.

One of the other amazing things about BLAST TECHNIQUE PRACTITIONERS is that Nick won't just train anyone. Not only do you have to prove that you are qualified insured and regulated, but he trains only those who already have a good understanding of PTSD and trauma and a particular disposition and attitude to both therapy and the presenting issues. You have to pass an exam before you can go on the course ! With help from Nick, I got onto the first available training course - it didn't give me much time - but I was determined to do and pass this course. I needed to do this !
So, here I am a couple of months later, a fully certified BLAST TECHNIQUES PRACTITIONER.I am incredibly proud that I was accepted to train, and have this qualification. I have used BLAST on several clients, and friends and found it to be the most profound, fast efficient and effective way to heal trauma ever!
BLAST works on many other issues too. But when it comes to trauma, it really does blow everything else out of the water. I am so passionate and so taken by it that if after the first session you don't feel better- the second session is free. It is absolutely amazing!
If you want to BLAST your past with a therapy that lasts - please don't hesitate to contact me. Your life will change for the better - and fast !

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