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Unlocking your past : why you should choose a qualified professional'

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Whilst past life regression has been splashed all over YouTube and other areas of interest on the internet, the one thing that comes up time and time again, are the regressionist's that are not adequately trained. So why is this a problem?
Well, to start with, as with any regression, there is always a risk of abreaction. Now abreaction itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be incredibly healing to release trauma or upset - but it does need to be carefully managed or it can lead to further trauma and issues in the current life. A short unregulated course on the internet or in a classroom does not cover abreaction - how to manage it, how to release it or even how to deal with it if it continues to cause a problem for the subject who experiences it. These short training courses with no thorough therapy background are in my opinion highly controversial and could in fact be seriously detrimental to any healing at all! It is really concerning that a lot of courses state on their certificates - past life regressionist practitioner - when past life regression requires proper deep hypnosis and not just a mediative state to achieve. Hypnosis (and especially hypnotherapy) take over 150 hours of classroom training alone - let alone the research and study that go along side that.
Many regression practitioners will 'lead' a session because they have not been trained in the difference between leading and guiding. Leading tends towards encouraging false memories - and these have been problematic in court cases. To the untrained eye the difference may be minute, but it is a crucial point. Whether you believe in past life or not, unwittingly planting memories or scenarios in a clients mind is not allowing them to explore and find their own answers and healings which is where the true magic of regression occurs. Leading may mean bypassing important parts of information or inventing scenarios that have nothing to do with what the clients mind, thoughts and feelings are related to.
The other important issue, is that whilst it is easy to believe someone has a 'gift' or 'psychic' abilities, this does not mean they are qualified to do a regression. There is a reason professional bodies exist to protect the public from those who think they know what they are doing. Often charging a fee for their services, ask yourself - are they actually qualified to give you this service? Can they back it up with evidence?
Past life regression is a wonderful - dare I say - magical experience, but it takes you to the depths of your mind, imagination and memory. Do you really want to chance those emotions and secrets that may be revealed to someone who has no solid therapy background or training in abreaction, trauma or knowledge of the human brain mind and feelings to help you cope with anything that may arise? Your mental health is too important to mess with.
There are many books on past lives, and many YouTube regressions. However, they, the narrators, are not there with you and are not pacing the regressions to your needs - they are generic and impersonal. They do not allow for thought processes or reactions you may have and cannot touch the sides of a personal one to one regression with a trained professional.
So why may you think is this such a bug bear for me? In my practice, I have seen several clients who have had quite severe issues after seeing a non professional for a past life regression. They have had questions and anxieties arise from the inadequate training and understanding from those who just want to be a part of the spiritual network. No matter how good someones intentions may be, no matter the reviews, always double check the credentials of the person you want a past life regression with. In the wrong hands it can be devastating, in the right hands it can be beautiful and enlightening. If the universal laws and spiritual realms want the best for you, then invest in the best for yourself. Not only do you deserve it, but the experience will be much more profound, more healing and significantly better.
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