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I cannot speak for all past life regression practitioners as so many are - unfortunately, unqualified. But a properly qualified hypnotherapist with additional training in Past Life Regression can offer you an experience that explores the hidden depths of your mind. Unlike standard hypnotherapy, where you are guided and led to positive thoughts and patterns, Past Life Regression only guides. There is no leading - your mind finds what it needs, what it wants to uncover and is not tainted by suggestions. It can, also for many, heal past traumas, help you gain insight into who you really are and alleviate unexplained physical conditions.

A good regression session is 'paced' by an experienced practitioner who is trained to watch for certain minute changes in your physical and emotional being, which allows us to know when to pause, ask questions or when to move on. It also allows us to know whether to immerse you in the scene or dissociate you from the scene, emotions and feelings. It also allows us to gauge for abreactions which (and whilst they are rare) need to be managed so you can process what you see, and feel in a safe environment.

Past lives can reveal so much about you in the here and now. Whether they are inherited memories, real memories, or memories your imagination and dreams have conjured up - they all mean something to YOU, and the effect those memories have on your life.

I think it would be safe to assume that you have an interest in reincarnation as you have found and are reading this article. For those who know very little about it there are some wonderful videos on YouTube telling stories of reincarnation (Weird World is one!) and many books. I definitely recommend researching Dr. Ian Stevenson. He did extensive research and his findings are most interesting! Birthmarks often relate to a previous life and have been known to disappear within months of a regression.

Past Life Regression is special because it offers insight into who you are and why. It answers all those questions you may have had about why you are drawn to a particular era, or have certain phobias, have patterns in your life or just simply can't move forwards. They help us understand our feelings to some individuals in our lives and why we feel we know some people better than others. It helps us to understand our own learning processes and can be incredibly healing.

The healing element of Past Life Regression comes into play especially when there appears to be no rhyme or reason for anxiety or a phobia, or a general feeling of blugh that you just can't shake off. It explores the things that are so deep we are not conscious of - or have no conscious memory of, or when that feeling of de-ja-vu just will not go away. There are many claims that physical ailments in this life have been cured by knowing what happened in a previous life. If we carry trauma, it has to be released or we continue to carry it with us, and this, it is believed, is often carried over into the next life. Past Life Regression can help to release this trauma.

A Past Life Regression should never be rushed. Although generally it takes an hour to 90 minutes, a good practitioner will allow two hours. A qualified practitioner will guide you into hypnosis and into a beautifully relaxed state whilst keeping your mind and imagination fully alert. During the session, you get to see, feel and explore your mind in a unique way. And, even at the end of the session, you feel relaxed and enlightened. What's not to like?!

Some of the regressions I have had the pleasure of being witness to, have been traced back to an existing person, existing places and a feeling of deep healing. Clients tell me that YouTube regressions are too short, too fast and do not allow the time and space to explore. In that respect, Past Life Regression is unique, it works much better on an individual basis, in person or online, with someone trained to do this.

Many unsuitably trained regression practitioners lead rather than guide and this is very problematic. Leading gives rise to false memory syndrome which means memories are being suggested, implied or planted and therefore are not healing what really ails you.

Past Life Regression with a suitable practitioner is safe, enjoyable and a truly wonderful experience. Your practitioner can take notes or record the session for you and you can have terrific fun in looking for evidence of that past life.

Have you had a past life experience? How was it for you? What did you find out? Did you experience healing? It is one of my favourite things to do for my clients. I would love to hear your experiences !

If you would like to experience a Past Life Regression, please drop me a message!


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