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Value for money is essential in this difficult time. I offer packages and individual sessions lasting from one hour to three hours depending on your particular requirements and needs. I work with you to make your treatment time as effective as possible saving you both time and money.

Significant concessions are available for those on limited income, veterans, Blue Light Card holders and students. The same quality service applies. 
The more committed you are the fewer sessions you need.

It is important to note, that whilst sessions may be booked for one hour (for example),
often additional time is needed and I would ask that you allow for that when you make a booking. I will never rush you. Some sessions may also not need to run to the full allotted time. 
For IBS and other more complex issues, I offer packages which can reduce cost. I also offer group sessions which can also dramatically decrease any costs involved. Please ask me about these.
The work I do with you is not limited to the time we are together. I have to plan sessions depending on your progress, find resources that are specific to you, and I offer an open email where if you need additional support between sessions I can help you at no extra charge. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes. You really are getting value for you for your money.

I keep my prices down by working  at your home or from  my home on occasion,
so you do not need additional hassle of babysitters, or  the additional cost of the hire therapy rooms in various locations.
Prices start at £50 (Concessions Available)
(past Life Regression is £60 and lasts between one and two hours)
Blast Sessions are £75
(If you don't feel better after your first Blast, the second is free!)



Please don't hesitate to ask - money should never be a barrier to seeking help. 

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