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Assessment and intake forms help  guide the right treatment plan for you. They are legal requirement. There are a lot of questions, but information is key in ensuring the right processes for you. It is detailed and emotionally orientated, but it is of course confidential. I am the only person who sees your information. If you are uncomfortable with any of the questions, please let me know. 



The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018) protects your rights as a consumer of services. Everything between us is kept strictly confidential. The only exception to this is the duty of care I have to you and other members of the public. Should you be at risk of harm to yourself or others, or if I am issued with a Police Warrant or Court Order for information about you, I have to then comply by law, to share certain information. 

Even after therapy ends, your rights of confidentiality and privacy are maintained.



Social media/phone/email is a legitimate interest of my business to use your contact details to reply to you as outlined by the ICO 




These terms and conditions apply to the delivery and service or hypnotherapy, in therapy setting, online or home visits. When making an appointment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. 


Prices of sessions are clearly laid out in the prices section of this website. Concessionary rates are available for those on means tested benefit. Please contact me for further information. For home visits and additional travelling fee may be charged depending on location.


Medical questionaries are conducted to ensure there are no contra-indications and used in part to assess whether your health is affecting your symptoms or aims. You agree to attend sessions when you are not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. 


Cancelling or postponing an appointment needs 24hours notice or part or in full payment for the session is payable. This allows me to offer the cancelled session to another client. 


You may discontinue therapy at any time without reason, but if circumstances make attending difficult, please do discuss with me so we can where possible accommodate difficulties. 


I also ask that if you are running late, you please leave a message (I do not answer texts or calls when with a client) on the mobile number for me to pick up at the first opportunity. Where possible I will aim to allow for any time lost, but this is not always possible. 

The legal basis for collecting and using personal information enables me to perform a contract with you. Processing your personal information is in my legal interest. I have to comply with the law 


The Data Protection Act can be found on the Government Website. 

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